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Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism

This section examines thromboprophylaxis of VTE, including guideline recommendations and the benefits and risks of anticoagulant therapy, and other treatment options


Routine preventive anticoagulant therapy – thromboprophylaxis – is an established standard of care for the prevention of VTE in patients who have had major orthopaedic surgery.1

  • Thromboprophylaxis has also proven to be cost-effective in moderate- and high-risk general surgery patients
  • In acutely ill, hospitalized medical patients, pharmacological prophylaxis is also recommended, although the optimal duration of therapy is not well defined2

Despite the well-recognized risks of VTE, use of appropriate prophylaxis remains low. A multinational, cross-sectional audit including 32 countries – the ENDORSE (Epidemiologic International Day for the Evaluation of Patients at Risk for Venous Thromboembolism in the Acute Hospital Care Setting) survey – showed that:3,4

  • 64% of surgical patients were at risk of VTE, but only just over half of these received recommended prophylaxis
  • Only 39.5% of at-risk medical patients received recommended prophylaxis
  • Only half all the patients considered to be at risk of VTE received appropriate thromboprophylaxis, although this varied between countries

Proportions of patients (A) at risk of VTE and (B) receiving recommended prophylaxis.
Data from the ENDORSE survey3

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