Talking to Your Doctor About Stroke

What to expect

If a stroke has been confirmed as the diagnosis, a doctor or neurologist may ask you questions about the symptoms or problems you are having, and you should feel free to ask them questions too. They will probably ask questions about your general lifestyle, health and diet and talk to you about adjusting these to adapt to a healthier lifestyle during your period of recovery.
They will also want to know about any medications you are currently taking, so please bring them or a list with you. They will make a full assessment of your condition and explain appropriate treatment options.


What questions to ask?


Why did I have a stroke?


How often should I come back for check-ups with my doctor?


I take other medications; how could these affect the medicines that I will now take for my stroke?


Are there any foods or lifestyle habits, such as smoking, I need to avoid?


What are my chances of having another stroke? What can I do to prevent it?


How long will my symptoms last? Are they permanent?


How will my stroke be managed?


Are changes to my alcohol consumption necessary?


Can I drive a car?


How you might feel

Stroke can have an impact on both the person diagnosed but also on family/carers who may be worried about the health and well-being of their loved one. If you have recently been diagnosed with a stroke, it is understandable if you feel nervous, anxious or apprehensive about the condition.

Talking to your doctor about a stroke

Talking to your doctor about a stroke

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