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Coronary Artery Disease: Causes and Consequences

  • Venous thrombi:
    • Feature enmeshed erythrocytes
    • Tend to fragment, creating an embolusl
    • Typically manifest as DVT and PE
  • Formation of a thrombus within a vein is known as a venous thrombosis
  • If the thrombus breaks loose and travels through the blood system, it is known as an embolus1

Venous Thrombosis

Video to explain the mode of action of venous thrombosis. Play this video to get an overview about venous thrombosis.

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Pulmonary embolus. Whole lung in which pulmonary arteries are obstructed by fresh (red) thrombus (circles)

  • The most common type of VTE is DVT, which predominantly occurs in the large veins of the leg1,2
  • When part or all of a thrombus breaks away from the blood vessel wall, it travels in the direction of blood flow towards the lungs and can block one of the arteries in the lung (a PE)
  • Patients with DVT are at risk of PE, which can potentially be life-threatening

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